Canada appears to be turning right

Canadians seem just about as fed up with their leftist elites as Americans were in the 2016 elections.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is polling far worse than President Trump, and voters in Ontario and Quebec, the two most populous provinces, are poised to throw out their left-leaning governments in elections the spring. Chris Tomlinson of Breitbart has the story. Data from polling firm Angus Reid shows that 56 per cent of Canadians now disapprove of Prime Minister Trudeau while only 40 per cent approve, while polling firm Rassmussen [sic] shows U.S. President Donald Trump with a 47 per cent approval rating. Source: Angus Reid Institute. If elections were held now, according to the Angus Institute polling, the conservative leader Andrew Scheer would become Canada's prime minister.  Luckily for Trudeau, federal elections are not slated until 2019.  The disgraceful spectacle he made of himself and his family...(Read Full Post)