Better days ahead

As an American, as a veteran, I worry about what America has become.  I keep asking, "Is this what millions of heroes – civilian and military – struggled, sacrificed, fought, and died for?" Where to begin with the disturbing changes?  People glued to portable screens for hours, oblivious to the real world around them; entertainment that qualifies as trash; public school education that leaves students weak in math and science, partially illiterate, and grossly ignorant of  American and world history; women who fault men for being men; confused men and women destroying their bodies and minds with "sex change" procedures; mothers comfortable with having their children murdered when they are about to be born; unhinged kids shooting classmates at school... America slipped farther from sanity and morality than I could have imagined when I waved red flags in the 1980s and '90s in newsletters.  Culture warriors...(Read Full Post)