Better days ahead

As an American, as a veteran, I worry about what America has become.  I keep asking, "Is this what millions of heroes – civilian and military – struggled, sacrificed, fought, and died for?"

Where to begin with the disturbing changes?  People glued to portable screens for hours, oblivious to the real world around them; entertainment that qualifies as trash; public school education that leaves students weak in math and science, partially illiterate, and grossly ignorant of  American and world history; women who fault men for being men; confused men and women destroying their bodies and minds with "sex change" procedures; mothers comfortable with having their children murdered when they are about to be born; unhinged kids shooting classmates at school...

America slipped farther from sanity and morality than I could have imagined when I waved red flags in the 1980s and '90s in newsletters.  Culture warriors and alert Americans sensed a distinct danger to our country long before today's virulent attacks from the left in media, education, and government.

Perhaps most disturbing to those of us awake is what was happening to our country as a country.  I was especially troubled when I heard President George H.W. Bush mouth the words "New World Order" (more) – his eyes aglow with anticipation – and wondered how an American president could allow the turning of America over to a one-world government.  Who in our government would oppose such a radical and dangerous idea? 

Members of Congress?  Decade after decade, Tweedledee Democrats and Tweedledum Republicans (aka the Uniparty) have been pretending to serve the American people while tweaking America into a socialist state, ready to shed borders and smooth the way to a world under amoral mismanagement.

The Supreme Court?  "Activist" justices have been "legislating from the bench" for decades, in defiance of the Constitution they are pledged to uphold!  Blind to the principles that formed their body and informed their mandate, too many of them have ignored facts like the statement of their predecessors (U.S. v. MacIntosh, 1931) that "[w]e are a Christian people and acknowledge with reverence the duty of obedience to the will of God."  The history of the Supreme Court since then exposes a denial of the Constitution and of the justice the Court was established to promote and protect.

The Executive Branch?  Under Obama, it seemed more likely than ever that we could lose our country to the dictatorship of globalists.  Behind his rhetorical façade of benevolence, our 44th president acted as though the time was ripe to implement an idea of one-world governance conned into politics by early 20th-century Marxists at the end of World War I (1918).  The idea, however tweaked for the times, was and still is – phrased plainly – to have men smarter than everyone else use whatever means, including democracy, to establish global government in a world with no borders and no ideologies in conflict with theirs.  Obama, a willing player in the scheme to establish global governance, would use techniques from Rules for Radicals to take down America while pretending to make it better than ever.  A student of Saul Alinsky (author of  Rules for Radicals), Obama did his darnedest to push America off its track.

Although connecting all the right dots is admittedly impossible, clearly, treachery has played a hand in high places to degrade our country.  And it must be emphasized that there is no place in a just society for anyone in public office who would intentionally undermine the people he serves.  That order of misconduct, no matter how rationalized, how packaged, or how delivered, is an act of treason against the people.

Dante places those who in life used their intellect to harm their fellow human beings – the traitors – in the lowest circle of hell, in Lucifer's company.  The Inferno of The Comedy was written not to amuse, but to instruct regarding the nature of evil.  As with all classics, its relevance is enduring.  Not the least disturbing fact today is that among leaders best qualified to condemn political traitors, there is a pope who looks the other way.

I leave it to the reader what place Obama earned in the history of America.  His list of accomplishments includes stoking the fires of racial hatred, saddling Americans with burdensome laws and penalties, allowing terrorists to enter the country, defying the rule of law, enfeebling the military, meddling with sexual reality and morality...

It was inevitable – was it not? – that someone with a strong sense of justice and a profound love of America and all people of goodwill would take on the job of calling a halt to governmental transgression and do all that is possible to get America back on track.  Filling that awesome job is the brave and very capable Donald Trump.

"Thank you, Mr. President!"

Anthony J. DeBlasi is a veteran, former systems analyst and programmer, and lifelong defender of Western culture.

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