Why Walmart wants Rachel Brand

There is a lot of speculation this week about the reason Rachel Brand is stepping down as DOJ number 3.  Cue the scary music and intonations of Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre.  Ugh! But I don't think this is anything more than the D.C. revolving door, and Ms. Brand and her husband are expert at this.  Hubby Jonathan Cohn makes oodles of money at white shoe Sidley, Austin after leaving the Bush DOJ, where his wife worked, as well.  Both went to Harvard Law, she clerked for Anthony Kennedy, he for Clarence Thomas, and they are pals with Ted Cruz. As I wrote previously on AT, if you want to get ahead in D.C., you play Beltway tag-team with your spouse to climb the career ladder.  Nice to see in this case, it's two good Federalist Society members. Now, as a top executive for Walmart, Rachel Brand will literally be paid millions of dollars, and you may wonder why she is worth such a...(Read Full Post)