Why too much immigration favors Democrats

The biggest news from the Trump universe last month was without a doubt his alleged "s-hole" comment.  Media coverage was fixated on whether something offensive was said, but who cares? 

Instead, we should be focusing on the immigration catastrophe that Trump was alluding to and how it will lead to creating more Democrats.  Trump won for a reason: he states, albeit brashly, what is on the minds of many Americans.  His comment on the quality and quantity of immigration to America was not at all different.  Based on a Harvard-Harris survey, 79% of Americans favor a merit-based system over relative-based, and 68% of Americans are also against the Visa Lottery, a system that randomly picks 50,000 people to enter the U.S. in the name of multiculturalism.

Trump was finally able to articulate his hopes of ending chain and relative-based migration and the Visa Lottery in his latest State of the Union address.  His original campaign promise of building of a new border wall would also go a long way in preventing undesirable immigrants from entering the country.  This video from Prager University illustrates why it is important.

As a result of the current immigration policy, however, we are left with the following statistics from the Migration Policy Institute as well as the Center for Immigration Studies:

· Seventy-three percent of Central American and Mexican, 51% of Caribbean, 48% of African, and 26% of European immigrants, both new and settled, use some form of welfare assistance.  Of the native population, 30% is on some form of welfare. 

· Regardless of the level of education, immigrants across the board had higher rates of welfare dependency.  Clearly, the institutions at which they trained and studied are not preparing them for the American workforce.

· Twenty-seven point seven percent of the foreign-born population has no high school diploma compared to 9.3% of the native population.

· Several cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami are between 28% and 38.5% foreign-born, with a majority of this population concentrated within communities of the same national identity.  This, without a doubt, makes it harder for new immigrants to integrate and assimilate into American culture and society.  This division is what the Democrats prey on for votes.

If America's immigration system is to be based on merit, then Trump is correct in stating that too many immigrants are coming from "s-hole" nations that do not prepare them to compete in the American system.

It is also known that increased labor mobility with the developing world leads to a convergence of wages.  This can reduce the standard of living for Americans (increased hours and lower salaries).  Congress's own commissioned report found that H-1B workers "received lower wages, less senior job titles, smaller signing bonuses and smaller pay and compensation increases than would be typical for the work they actually did."

The majority of these immigrants are also under 35, making it difficult for the youth of America to enter the job market and making it less desirable to hire older Americans for lower level jobs.  It is also reported that many are being overlooked for casual work in Hispanic neighborhoods for not being bilingual.  This discrimination further hurts youth employment and poverty levels for non-Spanish-speakers.  It's easy for these disenchanted people to blame the capitalist system and become Democrats.

Trump was not off the mark if he was in fact complaining about America welcoming too many immigrants from "s-hole" countries.  It is clear that America has an issue with accepting immigrants who cannot sustain themselves.  They are concentrated in only a few cities, where they struggle to assimilate and are used for cheap labor.  Building a wall, revoking the Visa Lottery, and tightening relative-based migration to spouses and children only would go a long way in ensuring that America stays in the First World. 

This is an issue that the Republicans must fight for while they still have control, as every immigrant on welfare is another vote for the Democrats. 

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