Who likes football teams staffed by foreign mercenaries?

The Philadelphia Eagles are not from Philadelphia. The New England Patriots are not from New England, much less Massachusetts. Instead, players hail from all over the country or even from other countries. Nearly all players are foreign to the states and cities they claim to represent. Football is the ultimate game of identity politics. People from Pennsylvania support the Eagles because they are geographical cohorts. But most or all of the "Philadelphia Eagles" are simply people from outside Philadelphia who have been hired to play for Philadelphia; they are essentially foreign mercenaries. "But they represent a team that represents Philadelphia" some might whine. Ok, so how would it be if the U.S. Olympics team hired paid mercenary athletes from Kenya and Zimbabwe to fill out our team? The team would still "represent" the USA, even though the athletes would be from somewhere else. Of course, this would be wholly unacceptable. And yet, people...(Read Full Post)