Where the bodies are buried

While a great deal of intensity is properly focused on FISA warrants relating to the supposed "Trump-Russia collusion" investigation, there remain two aspects to this story as yet unexamined by major media.  The first is the circumstances and particulars of the original FISA application made in the early summer of 2016, which was rejected by the Court (the first application rejected in nearly three years, and only the twelfth ever, which likely speaks to its egregious scope and weak foundation).  The second is the number of national security letters (NSLs) requested by agencies and granted by the court relating to the "investigation." NSLs are issued when a petitioning agency wants access to the specific electronic records of an individual (emails, texts, phone call data) held by a business through whom the communications were made or by which they were facilitated. While FISA warrants are issued in the hundreds each year – between...(Read Full Post)