Trump should meet with Mueller...on a tarmac

As Trump's lawyers continue to negotiate with Mueller's team regarding the specifics of a potential sit-down with Mueller (its location, topics, duration, etc.), conventional wisdom dictates that Trump should avoid such an interview at all costs. But consider this contrarian view: Trump, in fact, should agree to meet with Mueller, but under the following conditions: 1) that it take place on a tarmac. If Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton could schedule such a meeting, then why can't Mueller and Trump? 2) that Trump be sent a draft of his exoneration letter no later than two months prior to the interview. If Comey could draft one for Hillary Clinton months prior to her interview, then why can't Mueller do the same for Trump? 3) that it coincide with Mueller also answering a few questions under oath regarding corruption at the highest levels of the FBI and Justice Department. We still don't have answers to the following...(Read Full Post)