Time to disarm certain mentally ill people

In the wake of the Florida school gunman's killing of at least 17 victims, it is time we took violent mental illness seriously.  It is time to crack down on those sick people who have threatened to attack or kill conservative office-holders and President Donald Trump. Before we talk of further limits on Second Amendment constitutional citizen rights to keep and bear arms, we ought to be willing to disarm those who have openly exceeded the First Amendment by expressing their wish to shoot or otherwise violently attack those who hold different political views. It can no longer be treated as mere theatrics when singer Madonna tells a crowd in the wake of Mr. Trump's election that she has thought "an awful lot" about "blowing up the White House."  Or when Johnny Depp declares that "maybe it's about time" that another "actor assassinated a president," as in John Wilkes Booth's 1865 murder of President Abraham...(Read Full Post)