The swamp things take aim at General Kelly

A minor personnel matter among the White House staff, and just like that, the swamp press is all over it with headlines like "Memo: Knives come out for Kelly," as The Hill reported, in what's that Beltway organ's top-read story. Seems one of President Trump's top aides, Rob Porter, turns out to have some kind of history of wife-beating, according to two angry ex-wives. In the past, just having two ex-wives would probably signal a problem, but we all knew what we were doing when we elected President Trump.  Sometimes, the personal picture is irrelevant. Apparently, Porter did a good job of getting information to President Trump and helping craft his dyno State of the Union address (to use an old Southern California surfer term). That was enough to make him a target, and amazingly, the left wants Trump's top lieutenant, Gen. John Kelly, to go down with him, too.  According to the same piece in The Hill: "We'll see...(Read Full Post)