The stock drop was hardly 'historic'

The mainstream media is busy trying to spread panic in the markets over yesterday's 1,175-point stock drop, repeatedly touting it as "armaggedon" and "the worst point loss in history."  And more to the point, they are doing it to stick it to President Trump. NBC News reported: Until now, the surging stock market has been one of the President’s favorite and most frequent talking points. The president is also facing a looming government shutdown. Their broadcast report in the same video is even worse. Yes, President Trump was unwise to tout the rising stock market, given that stocks go up and stocks go down. There had been warnings in the days before the downturn, some of which he should have known about, here, here and here. But this is not the bonanza the mainstream media thinks it will be. Yet as the press dances around and try to make hay off Trump, it's worth noting that the point loss is only newsworthy if you get excited...(Read Full Post)