The rule of what law?

"Liberal" leaders and influencers seem to have forgotten the human cost in their calculations for progress.  It makes us wonder if their absence of concern for that is a sign of intellectual or moral weakness – perhaps both? What I see is an America where it is OK to: have the law of the land ignored by the Supreme Court; slaughter babies before they are born; be discriminated against if you are Christian; be treated as a citizen if you are not a citizen; have female "buddies" in war-zone combat; have your children indoctrinated in school with ideas and beliefs that you oppose, without your consent or knowledge; have people who do not represent you or have not been elected to office set rules for what you may or may not do, say what you may or may not say, think what you may or may not think; face criminal charges for exercising constitutionally established rights that the Supreme Court decides are unconstitutional! How...(Read Full Post)