The post-memo reality for America

After long anticipation, Americans will now have to let the disturbing contents of the "memo" sink in, followed by the realization that appropriate actions need to be taken. In the most cutting of ironies, the political creatures that then-candidate Donald Trump promised to expose and expel have handed the 45th President all the evidence needed to commence draining their Washington D.C. swamp. Over the last eight years, the American people had to endure one Obama-era scandal after another knowing full well that there would be no accountability, no remedy, and no justice for the crimes against the country. Hopefully, that has all changed for several reasons. First, President Trump was the main target of this outrageous overstepping of power, and second, the memo points to the out-of-control and lawless nature of the Obama administration. Before the release of the memo, members of the GOP privy to its contents stated that the scandal made Watergate look like a...(Read Full Post)