The post-memo reality for America

After long anticipation, Americans will now have to let the disturbing contents of the "memo" sink in, followed by the realization that appropriate actions need to be taken. In the most cutting of ironies, the political creatures that then-candidate Donald Trump promised to expose and expel have handed the 45th President all the evidence needed to commence draining their Washington D.C. swamp.

Over the last eight years, the American people had to endure one Obama-era scandal after another knowing full well that there would be no accountability, no remedy, and no justice for the crimes against the country. Hopefully, that has all changed for several reasons. First, President Trump was the main target of this outrageous overstepping of power, and second, the memo points to the out-of-control and lawless nature of the Obama administration. Before the release of the memo, members of the GOP privy to its contents stated that the scandal made Watergate look like a parking ticket; and so it does. Exposed for every American to see, thanks to the chairman of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Devin Nunes, is the unsettling fact that the former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton paid Fusion GPS for a wholly fabricated dossier.

The dossier was created to produce damaging, albeit fraudulent, political ammunition to destroy Donald Trump. That same knowingly fake dossier was used by the Obama administration to fraudulently secure a FISA warrant for what then became an illegitimate and unconstitutional surveillance of a United States citizen. The recently released memo helps tip the original nefarious deed forward causing it to crash into the next nefarious deed creating a crumbling house of cards. 

The culmination of this shows a pile of criminal activities that gave birth to a monumental lie that the corrupt, leftist media was all too happy to run with for over a year.
Moreover, with the same zeal, the disgraceful media elevated the falsified narrative of Russian-Trump collusion it worked to minimize the contents of the newly released memo... To bolster the lie and hide the truth. Nevertheless, the memo opens a Pandora's Box and sets in motion future investigations.

The American people have witnessed President Obama repeatedly plead ignorance to the steady torrent of crimes against the nation emanating out of his administration, but those denials are now shown to be without credibility. And had it not been for the unimaginable results of the most unusual election in modern times, there would be no memo. And the nauseating heap of misdeeds of an illicit administration bent on destroying the Constitution would have been hidden away forever.