The Pelosi show: High heels and all

Let me begin by congratulating Mrs. Pelosi for speaking and standing in high heels for eight hours.  It is not every day that a 70-something man or woman can speak so long. So cheers for the energy! Let me also share my late father's wisdom about long speeches.  He saw quite a few of Fidel Castro's multi-hour speeches.  He always told me that a person who makes very long speeches usually has very little to say. Thumbs down for Mrs. Pelosi's hypocrisy.  What if she had dedicated eight hours to doing something about immigration reform when she had the votes to pass it?  I'm sure there were many Hispanics who reacted like that. Beyond the show, we saw Exhibit A of why the Democrats are so out of touch with the country on immigration, as Jeremy Carl wrote:  The polling numbers illustrate the central reality of the weakness of the [l]eft's immigration...(Read Full Post)