Teaching pregnant women how to navigate

If you're on a cruise ship and you learn that the captain is a pregnant woman, wouldn't you still expect that she would know how to steer the boat?  I would! And yet the GOP budget being passed by Congress allocates $400 million to give pregnant women "navigators." All kidding aside, "navigators" is the Orwellian phrase liberals use and Republicans eagerly adopt to refer to individuals who help poor people sign up for subsidized Obamacare and other welfare programs. Here's the budget allocation: An extension by five years of a program that gives roughly $400 million annually to fund community health workers to help at-risk pregnant women and families navigate the social safety net. There's so much liberal jargon in one phrase that you need subtitles, like a foreign movie, to figure out what is going on. First of all, what is a "community health worker"?  How many illnesses does a community health...(Read Full Post)