Rob Porter spousal abuse kerfuffle a cynical game

The media hysteria over now departed White House aide Rob Porter is nothing but a political smokescreen.  There are two covert goals.  One is to divert attention from the ongoing revelations of Obama administration abuse and corruption, including the surveillance of the Trump campaign.  The other is to force out General John Kelly, who has become a vital force in the Trump White House, and thereby reverse the success he has had in bringing order and accomplishment to the rookie politician Trump's administration. Make no mistake: the left fears Trump's successes and the rising approval he and congressional Republicans are enjoying.  Sabotage is the aim.  There is proof of this.  Only six years ago, when left-wing Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown was accused of spousal abuse and the matter was raised by a Republican running against him, there was no media or feminist hysteria.  In fact, one spousal abuse...(Read Full Post)