Report: Climate change 'worst-case scenario' ruled out

The most cataclysmic scenarios for global warming have been ruled out, according to a new report from the University of British Columbia. But the report also warns that the climate will still destabilize, wreaking havoc on the planet. According to the report, it all comes down to a reduction in the use of coal. Bloomberg: The researchers contend that current goals of reducing coal, oil[,] and gas consumption may be closer than we think, thus allowing us to set the bar even higher in our efforts to reduce pollution.  The bad news is that this is good news in the way a destabilizing climate-shift is preferable to planetary extinction: [w]e are still in a lot of trouble.  Nevertheless, if the study is verified by other scientists and catches a wave into the realm of policy[-]makers, it could help accelerate initiatives to arrest global warming. The basic issue has to do with coal.  Quite simply, the more we burn, the faster we...(Read Full Post)