Mass shootings and violent video games

Anders Breivik murdered 77 in Norway in 2011. He received a 21 year sentence. In his testimony, he stated that he practiced the murders on a video game Call of Duty. (Later, in prison, he threatened a hunger strike unless given access to “adult” video games and a Playstation 3 console – ed.)

What is the difference between today's children and those of us who grew up in the 50'sand 60's? Is there more prevalence or access to guns then rather than now? No.

The difference is in culture. A video gamer is likely to have committed thousands of virtual killings on his games before his teens and thanks to the geniuses in Hollywood he has witnessed thousands more on television and in theaters.

Does Hollywood campaign for a reduction in violence in their offerings? No, in fact, the productions are becoming ever-more gruesome. Young men in today's society have become desensitized to violence against humanity.