Facebook VP of advertising: Russian ads couldn't have affected election, because most came after the vote

The faltering narrative claiming Russia somehow fixed the election of Donald Trump still has its defenders, but the facts are piling up against them. An unexpected source implicitly has rebuked the media’s coverage, even as those withs omething hide double down.

The Obama administration’s CIA Director John Brennan has plenty of questions of his own involvement in the use of the phony “Steele dossier” to spy on the Trump campaign, but as they old saying goes, the best defense is a good offense. So, he is pushing the narrative that those evil Russians – who were not impeded by Brennan’s CIA in starting their mission to sow chaos in the election starting in 2014, according to the just released Mueller indictments – did indeed influence the election, and maybe hand the presidency to Donald Trump, making his term illegitimate.



DonkeyHotey / Flickr via Creative Commons

An implicit rebuke of the ex top spy came from an unexpected source, Tob Goldman, Facebook’s VP of advertising:







Do facts matter to Brennan? Even leftists have their doubts.