Lots of people leaving their homes in San Francisco

On Thursday night, I was talking to an old friend who told me had moved to Texas from San Francisco. He went on to say that the cost of housing is prohibitive and the quality of life not that good. On Friday, I saw this and realized that my friend has a lot of company. In other words, a lot of people are leaving San Francisco:   Russell Hancock with Joint Venture Silicon Valley said, “Silicon Valley has been this place that is growing. And it was mostly due to people relocating here and relocating from other parts of the world. That’s changing.” Joint Venture Silicon Valley’s own study of the out-migration says workers are moving to Sacramento, Austin, and Portland due to a number of factors. But topping the list is the high cost of housing. “You can’t even contemplate getting into the housing market here,” Hancock said. “And I don’t mean just service workers, but highly skilled professionals. The...(Read Full Post)