Libs claim citizenship question on Census will make people sick

Marxists believed that all forms of science should serve Marxism.  So did Maoists, calling on the masses to be "Red and Expert."  So it should be no surprise that liberals are doing the same thing.

A few days ago, it was psychologists who were concerned that enforcing immigration law gives illegal alien children post-traumatic stress disorder; today, it is doctors claiming that putting a question about citizenship on the Census will jeopardize the health of the nation as a whole.

Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?  But no, they really mean it:

The fear is that immigrants – even those in the country legally – will not participate in any government-sponsored questionnaire that could expose them, their family members, or friends to deportation.  But low response rates from any demographic group would undermine the validity of the next decade of health statistics and programs, health experts warn.

Isn't it great that we have health experts?  These are probably the same health experts who cook up the flu vaccine every year, which works 10% or less of the time.

Scientists use census data to understand the distribution of health conditions across the United States population.  In turn, officials use the data to target interventions and distribute federal funding.

When census results are released, scientists often measure the impact of a disease by comparing its prevalence to the total population.  With skewed census data, public health officials may invest in solving a problem that does not exist – or worse, may overlook one that does.

"This is completely foundational," said Michael Fraser, the executive director of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials.  "We take for granted that we have a really accurate understanding of who lives in this country: their ages, ethnicities, where they live."

So, Dr. Fraser wants all the information he can get – ages, ethnicities, and so on – except for one thing: he doesn't want to know if the people who fill out the census are from another country!  Given that diseases can cross borders along with foreign nationals, don't you think this is extremely useful information that any professional epidemiologist would be desperate to know?

According to Dr. Laurence Nickey, director of the El Paso heath district[,] "Contagious diseases that are generally considered to have been controlled in the United States are readily evident along the border[.] ... The incidence of tuberculosis in El Paso County is twice that of the U.S. rate."  Dr. Nickey also states that leprosy, which is considered by most Americans to be a disease of the Third World, is readily evident along the U.S.-Mexico border and that dysentery is several times the U.S. rate[.] ... 

A June, 2009 article in the New England Journal of Medicine noted that a majority (57.8%) of all new cases of tuberculosis in the United States in 2007 were diagnosed in foreign-born persons.  The TB infection rate among foreign-born persons was 9.8 times as high as that among U.S.-born persons.

"The pork tapeworm, which thrives in Latin America and Mexico, is showing up along the U.S. border, threatening to ravage victims with symptoms ranging from seizures to death[.]

Wouldn't it be relevant to know if a person answering the census is not from America, to better track diseases like these?  If Dr. Fraser really is a doctor, why doesn't he want to protect us from the pork tapeworm?

Here's one more fact that might shed some light:

 The results of the census determine how more than $600 billion is appropriated across state and local governments each year, including federal block grants for children's health and preventive care services.  An immigrant [sic]-heavy region that underreports its total population could lose public health dollars – as well as funding for food programs, school programs and transportation services.

Now we get to the real reason.  It's not that Dr. Fraser and his liberal friends are insensitive to the plight of pork tapeworm sufferers.  They want illegals to fill out the Census in as large a number as possible so money, money from American taxpayers, can be allocated to them, and also more congresspeople are allocated to represent them, a class of people who should have no representation at all.

Liberals will use any argument and pervert any science in order to get what they want.  Medicine has been politicized to the point where cutting off your body parts and injecting yourself with hormones from the opposite sex are considered healthy, but asking a genuinely useful question about national origin on the Census will make you sick.

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