Is California becoming a third-world country?

Ah, California and the blue-state model.  Compassionate government.  Numerous public services.  Smiling, well paid government employees.  Protected environment.  Fairness, diversity, and a feeling of overweening virtue due to just how progressive everything is compared to where the redneck yahoos live in flyover country. If you believe that illusion, you're dumber than you look. The reality is much grittier and much grimmer: ruinously high taxes; middle-class flight; dangerous streets; and a homeless problem so vast, so serious, so incredible that coastal California is beginning to resemble Rio de Janeiro or Caracas. Fox News: The specter of homeless encampments steadily expanding across the downtown streets of San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco – bringing with them a public health crisis – has one southern California community taking tough action to dismantle a two-mile-long camp just a short...(Read Full Post)