Environmental wackos mix it up with each other

Global warming, it seems, is not so "settled" a science. And as more and more facts come out debunking its claims altogether, exposing the green emperor's new clothes, the lefties who perpetrated the baloney are starting to feel the pinch – and brawl with each other. That's the take from Mike Allen's Axios, which reports that the greenies are separating into two camps, at war with each other.  Axios's Amy Harder reports: America's Democratic Party, environmental groups[,] and clean-energy leaders pushing action on climate change are at odds over how best to address it. Why it matters: Conflict is erupting over the best technologies and messaging, and experts worry the fighting could stifle progress toward the big thing they agree on: the need to address climate change.  The divisions, brewing for years, are escalating in the face of a Republican-run government that doesn't recognize the issue at...(Read Full Post)