Dems fear 'slow-motion train wreck' in midterms

The smarter Dems in Congress are catching on that Trump-hatred anchors their party to ending the Trump Boom.  Hand them the majority, and they'll paralyze us with impeachment. They know that Americans are responding to good economic times the way people always do: they like the party in power because they want the good times to continue.  All those bonuses have tantalized millions who aren't receiving them.  They tell everyone money is in the air for people willing to show up and work.  People don't want to upset the apple cart. And this is freaking out the Democrats.  They are watching their generic preference poll advantage collapse.  And they all know that the Republicans always outperform the generic polls on Election Day.  The RCP graph below has a strong lag factor, for it averages polls going back a month.     Heather Caygle reports in Politico: [M]any Democrats...(Read Full Post)