Democrats still whining about terrible, horrible tax cuts

The media and other Democrats campaigned hard against the tax cuts and tax reform plan.  It is clear that the law will be successful, so it is being attacked as benefiting wealthy shareholders too much.  Today we get two opinion pieces from the Washington Post spewing forth this garbage. First: Democrats, on the other hand, said it was a scam. They charged that workers would see only a fraction of the benefits, and instead corporations would use most of their windfall for things like stock buybacks, which increase share prices and benefit the wealthy people who own the vast majority of stocks. Second: But the buying back of shares is also at record levels. Almost 100 American corporations have trumpeted such plans in the past month. American companies have announced more than $178 billion in planned buybacks – the largest amount unveiled in a single quarter, according to Birinyi Associates, a market research firm. Why didn't these...(Read Full Post)