CREATES Act is a giant gift to trial lawyers

In the ongoing battle between Patent-Holding Drug Companies and Generics Manufacturers, the government is poised to step in.  The problem is that the only group of people looking to benefit from our benevolent government's intrusion are the trial lawyers of America. A proposal intended to address an intra-industry regulatory battle could instead usher in a new "golden age" of lawsuits, enriching trial lawyers and driving up health care costs for everyone else. The bill, titled the "CREATES Act," would create unprecedented new legal rights to file suit against drug companies.  Experts warn that this will result in lawsuits becoming the first and primary means, rather than negotiation, of resolving disputes that arise between firms. Under the proposal, private companies would gain the right to enforce federal drug laws by lawsuit, rather than the Federal Drug Administration deciding to bring action against violators, for the...(Read Full Post)