Can a comic book character be a useful role model?

  The premiere of Black Panther, featuring a black comic book superhero, has some black people so excited that they are even dressing like him. There's nothing wrong with that.  What bothers me, however, is how many black people are ready to call Black Panther a role model for the black community: Mr. Shaw, a father of two, believes that he and other African-American cosplayers demonstrate why the comics world needs more characters like T'Challa, the Black Panther. "It's going to be great for people of color once they start seeing that there is a black superhero who is a king and graduated with honors from four different schools," he said.  "When I don the costume, I feel like I embody the character.  I am no longer Sean, I become the king of Wakanda." (snip) Ms. Walker ... a Los Angeles native and Black Panther enthusiast ... said that the film stood out for its positive portrayal of Wakanda, an...(Read Full Post)