A Republican PR disaster looms in Illinois

The Third Congressional District of Illinois, representing parts of Chicago and its southwest suburbs, is a Democrat stronghold:  Twenty-four of the last 25 Congressional elections have gone to the Democrat, and Bernie Sanders won the Democratic primary there by 8 points over Hillary Clinton. Congressman Dan Lipinski, who has held the seat since the 2004 election, having inherited it from his father, Bill Lipinski, who first won it in 1992, is one of the few remaining  blue dog Democrats, pro-Israel and more socially conservative than the mainstream San Francisco wing of the party. As a result, no genuine Republican seriously interested in winning office bothered filing papers to run in the Republican primary. Unfortunately, just one person did file papers to run on the Republican primary ballot, scheduled March 20th, and thus is going to appear on the November election ballot as the Republican nominee, thus guaranteed to win and carry the title of “Republican...(Read Full Post)