Zimbabwe abuses Americans saving it from mass starvation

One reason for reading the output of left-wing entities is that many are well funded and thus have the ability to cover subjects that the media don't have the resources to inquire into.  Thus, you get to read about plenty of developments that you wouldn't otherwise be aware of.  They also tell us of what they are afraid of and the things they fear might happen that will affect the credibility of the narrative. Thus Foreign Policy, a magazine in the stable of the Washington Post, just published an article complaining about how mean the Zimbabwe government is to the American ambassador, who is black.  From that article: The pro-government Sunday Mail called him an "Uncle Tom" and a "house nigger dressed in a fine suit" – and that was just in his first week on the job. And: When the U.S. Embassy here put out a statement in February denouncing the "continuing deterioration of the...(Read Full Post)