Wanted: Support for the women of Iran

We are happy that President Trump is talking about the marchers in Iran. We are even happier to hear that the regime is concerned about its survival.  I agree with Stephen Miller: The most striking images coming out of the Iran human rights protests are not of men – they are of women.  And while American media [were] slow and even hesitant to pick up that anything at all was actually happening – this, while protests ignited for what is now six full days around Iran, nine years after the Green Movement protests began – Twitter was flooded with videos and photos on the ground, in defiance of the Iranian regime's social media policy. It is remarkable to see the young people and the women on the streets, as the article explains: Every one of these searing images [is] of women.  Women are the predominant face of this blossoming revolution.  Women are risking the most to speak out against the Iranian [m]ullahs....(Read Full Post)