Trump moves from 'very stable genius' to cognitive whiz

What a week for the media.  Coming off a sugar high from the myriad accusations in Michael Wolff's book that President Trump lacks the mental capacity for the presidency, they made a quick pivot from "Trump is mentally deficient or senile" to one of their golden oldies, "Trump is a racist."  This after Trump's blunt but accurate characterization (maybe – no one is sure whether he actually said it) of certain countries as "s-holes." Less than a week later, the media are spraining their backs and ankles doing another quick reversal back to the "Trump is mentally challenged" canard.  This is after the president's personal physician, Rear Admiral Dr. Ronny Jackson, declared that the president is in "excellent health." Peppered by questions from the juvenile White House press corps, Dr. Jackson told the intrepid reporters, "I've got to know him pretty well.  And I had...(Read Full Post)