The other shutdown story

My guess is that they will quickly turn on the lights, and government will be running again.  It happens every time.  Nobody really benefits from these shutdowns anyway.  Shutdowns are like going on strike.  At some point, they become counterproductive. However, we saw something on Friday night signaling that DACA negotiations are going to be a lot more complicated than Democrats assumed. Let's look at the vote: Doug Jones of Alabama joined Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Heidi Heitkamp of N.D., Joe Manchin of W.Va., and Claire McCaskill of Mo. to avoid a shutdown over DACA.  The message is clear: these Dem senators did not want to see TV ads that they put illegals over U.S. soldiers. Going forward, it confirms that President Trump holds the cards here.  He will get his border security package, including the fence, if he chooses to fight for that.  He will, as I hope he does, go after...(Read Full Post)