Something is very wrong with the US Navy

Recently, a sailor on the cruiser Shiloh started to behave erratically.  He claimed he had the ability to shoot fireballs from his hands and that he had traveled into outer space.  Despite his obvious insanity, no action was taken.  The sailor, named Peter Mims, then hid aboard his ship, and no one was able to find him for a week. Peter Mims was a troubled sailor who wanted out of the Navy. He had financial problems, his marriage had fallen apart[,] and his chain of command was riding him about qualifications.  He'd sought mental health counseling, but was not treated when he needed it most. Or discharged from the Navy when he needed to be. Before he disappeared from the cruiser Shiloh on June 8, Mims was known for making crazy[] yet[] sincere claims.  Shipmates recalled him saying he had been to space, and that he could shoot fireballs out of his hands. Mims ... told the ship's command master chief that he believed another...(Read Full Post)