Shocking data on immigrant crime

According to data compiled by the Center for Immigration Studies, one of the most horrific categories of crime, kidnapping, is vastly disproportionately committed by immigrants, legal and illegal. Daniel Greenfield of Front Page Magazine reports: According to the Center for Immigration Studies, 42.4 percent of federal kidnapping convictions are of non-citizens. Non-citizens also account for 31.5 percent of federal drug convictions. Even though they’re only 8.4% of the population. Obviously there aren’t enough Americans to commit these crimes. President Trump was excoriated by self-righteous progressives for pointing out this disproportion, when he said of criminal alien gangs, “They kidnap, they extort, they rape and they rob.” Much of the kidnapping spree is related to activities of MS-13, an ultra-violent gang from El Salvador, whose members were prevented from being deported by the TPS (Temporary Protected Status) program that President...(Read Full Post)