Shocking data on immigrant crime

According to data compiled by the Center for Immigration Studies, one of the most horrific categories of crime, kidnapping, is vastly disproportionately committed by immigrants, legal and illegal. Daniel Greenfield of Front Page Magazine reports:

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, 42.4 percent of federal kidnapping convictions are of non-citizens. Non-citizens also account for 31.5 percent of federal drug convictions. Even though they’re only 8.4% of the population. Obviously there aren’t enough Americans to commit these crimes.

President Trump was excoriated by self-righteous progressives for pointing out this disproportion, when he said of criminal alien gangs, “They kidnap, they extort, they rape and they rob.”

Much of the kidnapping spree is related to activities of MS-13, an ultra-violent gang from El Salvador, whose members were prevented from being deported by the TPS (Temporary Protected Status) program that President Trump just ended, to further cries of alarm and racism from the progs. They want us to look elsewhere. The New York Times:

With his protected status, Carlos Jiron, another Salvadoran, started a small contracting business and won bids for big jobs, including to paint federal buildings in the Washington area.

“We have built a life here,” said Mr. Jiron, 41, who lives with his wife and two American-born children in a four-bedroom house they bought in Springfield, Va.

He will have to decide whether to take his children to El Salvador, where he says they would not maximize their potential and would face safety threats; leave them with guardians in the United States; or remain in the country at the risk of arrest and deportation as one of the millions of undocumented immigrants.

No mention in the New York Times story just quoted of:

Over in New York, five MS-13 members and associates were caught trying to kidnap and randomly murder a16-year-old.  Prestige in the El Salvador gang comes from murder. Bodies of MS-13 initiation murders keep popping up in public parks near prominent locales. In Texas, two MS-13 gang members kidnapped three teenage girls, raped them and killed a 15-year-old girl in a “Satanic ritual”.

Maybe it’s a good thing that there are some crimes that Americans won’t commit. And we should keep it that way. Ending Temporary Protected Status for El Salvador keeps Americans safer. (snip)

Video of the murder was sent to MS-13 leaders to win a higher status for the killers. Last year, the media had portrayed her as a victim.

This is just collateral damage on the way to importing a voting majority for the Democrats. And besides, it adds another minority victim with which to characterize America as violent and unjust. A twofer, if you will. If MS-13 were kidnapping people off the streets of the Upper West Side, the New York Times might care more about the issue.

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