President Trump: Build the wall

President Trump met with congressional leaders on January 9 in an extraordinary meeting, open to the public, to negotiate immigration reform, funding of the government, and DACA. President Trump made statements that worry his base, because it appears he is willing to wait on full funding for the wall.  He also used the words "border security" instead of "wall" and said he will sign whatever bill Congress drafts. If the base is worried, then President Trump and all Republicans should worry about the elections in 2018 and 2020.  Failure to build the wall and enforce our immigration laws will harm President Trump, Republicans, and our country. The deal seems to be that the president will support a bill granting amnesty to those presently under DACA, which is an executive order by Obama to defer deportation of illegals brought here as minors.  The Dems and media refer to them as "Dreamers" (based on the failed DREAM Act...(Read Full Post)