Pelosi's 'White' America

We make fun of Nancy Pelosi for good reason because of her nonsensical rants. But she was an effective speaker and minority leader when defending Obama as president. She attempted this largely by attacking Republicans. Ryan and McConnell have not retaliated. Nancy Pelosi is always good for a laugh. But sometimes, without knowing it, she reveals the Democratic/Left agenda.  On January 26, on CNN’s Inside Politics, she said that President Trump’s offer to build the Wall, with a $25 billion trust fund,  in return to grant amnesty and citizenship to about 1.8 million illegal aliens as part of granting amnesty to the DACA “children” and their nuclear family is: “Let me just say what I said last night: that plan is a campaign to make America white again,” What does Nancy mean by a “white” America? Obviously, even Nancy knows that whites are a majority of the population.  When Nancy looks around Congress,...(Read Full Post)