Now Baltimore activists want the police back

I remember a time in the not so distant past.  The year was 2016, and racial tensions were running high.  Freddie Gray was a resident of Baltimore, Maryland.  He was arrested and notoriously died while in police custody.  Soon afterward, Black Lives Matter and other activists became enraged.  They began to protest the police department's presence in their neighborhoods over alleged brutality. Let's fast-forward a couple of years later to present day.  Now we see over 300 murders in the City of Baltimore this past year. When I saw the number of murders, I was shocked.  All of the intellectuals and activists on CNN told me that if there were fewer policemen in their neighborhoods, they would be much safer. You can imagine my shock when I read that now there are calls for the police presence to pick back up in the black parts of town. The city officials began working on a plan that took the police out of certain parts of the city....(Read Full Post)