No, really, Dems: Tax cuts help the middle class

It is truly a shame that someone at Yahoo Finance is so incompetent that he doesn't understand how the tax cuts work.  He says in his headline that the Trump tax cuts aren't helping Century Link workers, but he is 100% wrong.  The tax cuts are obviously helping the workers there, because although the company is not able to give them a raise, Trump and the Republicans did, because they gave the workers more take-home pay, which is just like a raise. From the article: More than 80 companies have announced bonuses or raises or improved benefits for workers, now that a new tax[] cut law is likely to boost after-tax revenue for most big U.S. companies. But not CenturyLink (CTL), the embattled telecom provider based in Monroe, La., which informed employees recently that there will be no raises this year.  In an email to employees on Jan. 11, CEO Glen Post said, "We cannot afford merit increases across the organization at this time[.] ... I believe...(Read Full Post)