Fox News launches Scandalous series with 7-part take on Clinton scandals

On Sunday, January 21 at 8 P.M. E.T./P.T., the Fox News channel will premiere the first episode of Scandalous, a new seven-part documentary series airing weekly in prime time on the scandals involving the Clintons, including the most famous one that led to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton in 1998-99. Twenty years ago today, the Drudge Report broke the story of President Bill Clinton's lengthy sexual affair in the White House with intern Monica Lewinsky, who was in her early twenties at the time.  It was a blockbuster story that – to that point – the mainstream media had failed to report and then spiked when it was set for publication in Newsweek.  Matt Drudge's scoop of the story catapulted his website to its two-decade-long reign as one of the most influential go-to resources for millions of readers, including the mainstream media.  For the next 13 months after 1/17/1998, the story of the Clinton-Lewinsky...(Read Full Post)