Minor birds dare to condemn without even an interview

When gassy brainiacs opine on the dinosaur media, essaying to "diagnose" our amazingly dynamic 45th president without the elementary detail of a face-to-face, one must debunk their pathetic efforts, even were they in the galactic ballpark of accurate, because their posturing in a wholly political, partisan way is ipso facto unprofessional. Fitness is determined not by one's lowest-shelf unregistered opponents.  Stability, ditto. It is in the same realm as quacks who look at a cartoon and "diagnose" a malady from an acetate or paper image. In case you haven't been to med school in the past decade or five, any such blithe "diagnosis" isn't kosher, isn't definitive, is not even one thousandth reliable.  It isn't worth the swamped out fetid air it rode in on. A graphologist for many years, I compared President Trump's actual handwriting from before he was elected to his writing now. ...(Read Full Post)