Michael Wolff's book throws cold water on Trump-Russia collusion

The new year has given the left several new shiny pennies to chase around the room.  Michael Wolff's book.  Oprah's campaign speech at the Golden Globe Awards.  President Trump supposedly not knowing the words to the National Anthem. Wait – I thought the National Anthem was racist!  The California NAACP sure thinks so.  Perhaps by only half-singing at the National Championship game, Trump was showing solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Wolff's book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, is a late Christmas present to Democrats.  Cable and network news shows talk about little else.  The tell-all book about the Trump White House.  Everyone in the White House saying Trump is insane, demented, and childlike. Except there's one minor detail.  Despite the book saying Cabinet officials think Trump is "dumb as [sā€‘ā€‘ā€‘]" and a...(Read Full Post)