Michael Wolff: The answer is blowing in the wind

We hear that Fire and Fury is selling like crazy. Let's hope the publisher has a Plan B, or the moment when used copies flood Amazon.  I have not read the book, but hearing serious people like Karl Rove comment on the book confirms that there is nothing there.  It is a lot of "I think he said this."  It is a travesty! According to news reports, Wolff's book is based on quotes that were blowing in the wind because he did not speak to members of the Trump Cabinet:  When asked if he had spoken with any of Mr. Trump's Cabinet members, or with Vice President Mike Pence, Wolff replied, "I did not." The White House's pushback against Fire and Fury – which is currently the best[]selling book on Amazon – includes criticism of Wolff, with President Trump claiming that he was never interviewed by the writer.  Wolff stated emphatically that he had spent three hours...(Read Full Post)