File under 'man bites dog': Pelosi made a true statement!

Nancy Pelosi said there is a dark cloud over DC because of the tax cut. Maybe she should get out to the rest of the country, where over 90% of taxpayers will get a cut, and see that the clouds are lifting and the sun is shining through. The dark cloud Pelosi is seeing is actually because Trump is rapidly reducing regulations and transferring the power and purse back to the people where it belongs. She really can’t stand to see her power that has been built over decades being reduced. She would rather have more blacks being dependent on government than having a record low unemployment rate. Somehow she believes giving everyone more economic opportunity instead of handouts is racism. Think of how many fewer high paid bureaucrats, lawyers and lobbyists they need around Washington, D.C. when regulations are reduced and taxes are lowered. If there are fewer people begging for stuff in D.C., that means fewer donations to both political parties and that is what scares career...(Read Full Post)