Trump: The Art of the Insult

Filmmaker Joel Gilbert has put together an extraordinary look back at the Trump campaign for president.  His new film, Trump: The Art of the Insult, primarily focuses on Trump's one-liners and tweets from the start of the campaign through the election itself.  We see him taking aim initially at the other Republican candidates, then Bernie; Hillary; Obama; and, of course, the NeverTrump media. For any Trump-supporter, this film is immensely satisfying.  It can be enjoyed over and over again.  On the other hand, liberals and those who ran against Trump will cringe.  Their heads will explode.  They met their match in a man who was not going to be P.C.  He was not going to be the traditional Republican milquetoast.  Trump turned out to be the ultimate user of truth to power.  And the American people understood it.  And they love him for it. In retrospect, the country had reached a moment in history where the far left and...(Read Full Post)