Trump: The Art of the Insult

Filmmaker Joel Gilbert has put together an extraordinary look back at the Trump campaign for president.  His new film, Trump: The Art of the Insult, primarily focuses on Trump's one-liners and tweets from the start of the campaign through the election itself.  We see him taking aim initially at the other Republican candidates, then Bernie; Hillary; Obama; and, of course, the NeverTrump media.

For any Trump-supporter, this film is immensely satisfying.  It can be enjoyed over and over again.  On the other hand, liberals and those who ran against Trump will cringe.  Their heads will explode.  They met their match in a man who was not going to be P.C.  He was not going to be the traditional Republican milquetoast.  Trump turned out to be the ultimate user of truth to power.  And the American people understood it.  And they love him for it.

In retrospect, the country had reached a moment in history where the far left and its power-hungry allies in the Deep State were poised to take full control of the country once and for all.  Initially, there was a Supreme Court seat at stake.  And then the ability to nominate scores more judges at the federal level and to keep the borders open.  The economy was a mess.  Our military had been badly weakened, and Obama's pro-Iranian, pro-Muslim foreign policy had put our country in real danger.  Trump was savvy enough to recognize what was at stake.  In disgust, he had watched McCain and Romney, who were both too weak and not competent enough to defeat the man who will likely go down as one the worst presidents in American history.

The film makes it clear that no one else in the initial Republican line-up had any real chance against Hillary and Obama.  It absolutely required someone to break the traditional mold of the polite, never offending Republican candidate.  Everything was on the line.  Trump was our last, best hope to push back the far-left wing and disrupt the Deep State, which has gone quite far in stealing our democracy from the people.  The left tried to paint Trump as dumb.  His rapid wit and quick responses were labeled by many as "unpresidential."  But it turned out that underestimating Trump because of his sometimes crass and rough-and-tumble manners learned in the New York and global real estate markets was a "yuge" mistake.  He understood the deep-seated anger of so many American voters who saw their jobs and their country being sold down the river.  He wasn't going to take it anymore.

Trump is far smarter than how the media have portrayed him.  No doubt.  Look at his first year of accomplishments.  The media, of course, won't catalog them, but some of the conservative websites have, and it's amazing what Trump has accomplished in less than 12 months.  We haven't seen anything like this since the days of Franklin Roosevelt.

Trump is a true patriot.  He has given up the life of a successful billionaire to put himself and his family and his family fortune at risk.  Some are already comparing him to Winston Churchill – certainly not in terms of education or his command of English, but Trump has arrived at the moment of our own September 1940, just in the nick of time to save the country.

Joel Gilbert's wonderful film brings this home.  At this point in history, America badly needed a fighter, someone not afraid to put America first.  And we've got one in Donald J. Trump.  Thank God.  And thanks, Joel, for a great film. 

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