Does the Washington Post understand the 'rule of law'?

What a joke!  The Washington Post editorialized that Republicans are trying to undermine the rule of law because they dare question the FBI and Justice Department on their motives and methodology used to justify spying on a political opponent.  Evidence now clearly shows the Justice Department did everything they could to elect Hillary and destroy Trump, abusing the FISA Court to weaponize the nation’s intelligence and law enforcement apparatus. The editorial is titled: GOP leaders’ complicity grows as their members undermine the rule of law For eight years the Washington Post and most of the media not only never cared as Obama and Democrats undermined the rule of law; they supported them as they did it. Here is a partial list of things the Post never gave a darn about clear violations of law and Democrats not holding the President to account: When Obama unilaterally changed immigration law. The clear targeting of Tea party and...(Read Full Post)