DACA kids at it again with targeted mobbing of Schumer

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients, so touted on the left as 800,000 valedictorians whose only wish is to love and serve America, are at it again, this time thuggishly mobbing Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer for his refusal to shut down the entire U.S. government for their sake.

Shouting "we won't let him sleep," these charmers marched onto the personal home of the Democratic senator in Brooklyn, in a scene reminiscent of the early Obama years, when SEIU mobs targeted bank officials at their homes and terrorized their children.

It follows similar DACA mobbings to shut down Disneyland and target other congressional representatives, including their surprise scream-fest against House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, a DACA champion.

The mob attacks show us something creepy about the DACA kids: their outrageous entitlement mentality.  And with each successive mob action, we see even more lawless acts from these lawbreakers, with increasing frequency.

It's Alinskyite stuff, "picking a target, personalizing it," which derives from communist tactics.  And don't think this isn't exactly what these DACA activists have in mind.  At a standoff rally in Murietta. Calif., a few years ago, a tattooed Salvadoran leader counter-protesting the citizens' protests against illegal alien-dumping in the city in 2014 told me that yes, he had been a communist guerrilla in El Salvador in the 1980s, and yes, he was up here to advocate for amnesty for illegals because it was his way of getting back at Uncle Sam for all the imperialism out there.  Shipping immigrants who would protest, burn tires, and engage in other mobbery is a punishment to America, he explained.

Here is a photo from that rally of Mexican flag-waving illegals chanting "citi-zen-ship, citi-zen-ship," meaning American citizenship, even as they wave the flags of other nations.

The problem here is that with each screaming act, the DACA kids show Americans just how unworthy they are of U.S. residency and how unfit for citizenship.  Normal Americans write letters and vote if they want change, sometimes holding peaceful demonstrations.  DACA kids seem to be out for blood, making outrageous demands, with ever creepier personalized tactics that wouldn't be legal from foreign nationals in any other country.  Their extremism is starting to get a grip on the Democrats, who already are in their tree.  They're the easiest target in a long-term plan to take absolute power.

The correct response from DACA recipients to the America that gave them such chances and benefits is gratitude.  That would be the response if DACA recipients were the people the left says they are.  Issuing demands and insisting that the entire federal government be shut down if they don't get it, as if we actually owe them something, is something else entirely.

It's time to start making an example of a few of them, to put a stop to this increasingly creepy revolutionary movement that treats citizenship as an entitlement über alles and whose lawless minions claim, as Hugo Chávez once did, to be using lawful democratic tactics.