Legal pushback on fake news purportedly implicating Jared Kushner in financial chicanery

One of the biggest banks in the world just announced a lawsuit against the media purveyors of fake news that flagged an account tied to Jared Kushner for "suspicious transactions."  It never happened, but it was one of those stories journalists of old joked was "too good to check."

In this case, the fake news and the litigant are located overseas, in Germany, revealing that the #Resistance against Trump is a global phenomenon.  Avery Anapol reports in The Hill:

German bank Deutsche Bank is pushing back on a report that it flagged an account tied to President Trump's son-in-law and aide Jared Kushner for "suspicious transactions."

The bank said in a statement that the report was wrong and that it would take legal action against the reporting, according to Reuters.

Deutsche Bank headquarters in Frankfurt.

Deutsche Bank's statement reads exactly like something translated into English from German:

It is wrong to assert that Deutsche Bank supplied the German financial supervisory authority BaFin with a report stating that the real estate investor Jared Kushner or companies or persons associated with him may have channeled suspect funds via Deutsche Bank when executing their transactions[.] ... We are taking legal action regarding this reporting.

The media outlet responsible for the fake news is aimed at business leaders.

German business magazine Manager Magazin reported last week that Deutsche Bank officials had notified bank regulators of suspicious transactions linked to the Kushner family real estate company accounts.

Was it pandering to the hopes of globalists?

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